The issues aren't black and white…They're GREEN!

  • We actively encourage and promote the use of FSC, SFI and other environmentally certified paper.
  • We promote 100% Post Consumer, Certified Processed Chlorine Free, Tree Free & Recycled Paper.
  • Tree Free fibers include Bamboo, Hemp, Sugarcane Bagasse, Mango, Lemon, Coffee and more.
Inks & Toners
  • We use vegetable based inks consisting of Soya, Chinawood and Linseed which are all renewable products.
  • Our inks are manufactured locally, without lead, cadmium, mercury, or hexavalent chromium compounds.
  • We specialize is Pantone® spot color printing which uses significantly less paper, ink, solvents, and energy.
  • Our full color digital printing with non-toxic toner reduces waste and avoids the solvents used in offset printing.
  • We use low and no voc (volatile organic compounds) solvents for all of our printing and production requirements.
  • Our printing plates, rags and chemicals are recycled, washed or disposed of according to EPA regulations.
  • We use water based aqueous coatings and varnishes on products which require a protective sealant.
  • We develop products, processes, and working methods to reduce the waste of paper, water, and energy.
  • We segregate, reduce, reuse and recycle waste material unavoidably produced in the production processes.
  • Our direct-to-plate technology eliminates the need for film used in traditional methods of commercial printing.
Legislation Compliance
  • We are fully compliant with the Hazardous Waste Act and waste is segregated for recycling by licensed contractors.
  • We are assessed regularly by independent auditors to ensure we are managing environmentally friendly practices.
Cooperative & Non Profit Programs
  • We encourage gang run printing which reduces production waste by up to 95% while delivering cost savings.
  • We discount costs for non-profit organizations choosing our environmentally friendly graphics and printing services.
  • Our buying power enables us to purchase environmentally friendly paper and materials at a lower cost and pass on the savings.
  • Investment in the latest technology and enables High Mountain Graphics to remain highly competitive and efficient.
  • Online ordering, proofing and billing reduces production costs and savings are passed onto you, our customer.
Our Commitment to the Environment

Through endless hours of research we continue to educate ourselves, our staff, our clients, and vendors to improve on our goal of providing environmentally friendly graphics, printing, and sign solutions.

Need More Information?

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